Friday, May 04, 2007

No, Tom Ford is not to be associated with cars...

Excuse me but since when do young woman living in the present EVER associate Tom Ford with the 'Ford' cars?!?!
The other day I was talking to a few people in a shop and I brought up the subject 'Tom Ford'. They first looked at me in a confused matter and then started babbling on about some CARS like a bunch of morons!?!
This world I am living in right now can not possibly be normal. It's kind of depressing, really...

Here's some advice, never move to Holland unless you happen to be a drug-addict.

People's knowledge of fashion here is next to nothing but it's not like Holland is situated in a different universe though..?
The next thing I did was call up some of my old friends from when I used to still live in (Gorgeous, Wonderful, Inspiring, Fashionable, Exciting, Lovely...) London. And there I was, thinking, hey....these people live in London right..? They know who Tom Ford is, right? Wrong.
Well, at least their minds didn't jump to the cars. Only 3 of my friends in London actually knew Tom Ford had something to do with fashion.
I'm still recovering from the shock.
Here the basics on the extraordinary man every fashionista should know about!

Tom Ford:

Tom Ford was born on the 27th of August, 1962 in Austin, Texas. He grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

He graduated from Parsons School of Design and after initially having studied architecture he started working for Cathy Hardwick and Perry Ellis. In 1990 he was recruited by Gucci's then creative director, Dawn Mello, to help design the ready-to-wear collections. Not too long after this, Tom Ford became the chief director of Gucci. In just his first year of working in this position for Gucci he was credited for putting the glamour back in fashion. In a short period of time Tom Ford transformed the label Gucci (which had been almost bankrupt when Ford joined!) into a multi-billion dollar fashion house. "We didn't have a photocopier at one stage," he admits. When Gucci acquired the house of Yves Saint Laurent, Ford was namen the creative director of that label as well...

In 2000, Tom Ford was named Best International Designer at the first VH1/Vogue Awards in New York.

So how did this man from Texas become one of the most influential people in the world of fashion? Ford himself believes that he owes his succes not to talent, but to his energy. Once, he told an audience at the V&A in London: "There are many more talented designers than me, but I have a lot of drive and won't let it go."

Then, in 2004 Tom Ford stepped down from Gucci in order to persue other interests. He has since created a high-end fashion company calles Tom Ford, which produces fragrances (Think: Black Orchid), sunglasses and a signature ready-to-wear men's line. It seems that everything this man lays his finger on turns into solid gold.

If you ask me, there is more to this man than just a lot of drive. I think he is truly talented and I expect we will all see a lot more from him in the future!


Emma said...

ah, tom.
love your blog as well!

Alison said...

tom ford and.. cars??
Oh god, what is the world coming to?

Nerita said...

Thanks for writing this.